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method parameters example notes version
.init(ctrl)object to use.init($("#control_id"));This tells the control to generate and render to the page.v1.0.0 -


property datatype default notes version
.hrefURLhttp://www.ExtensiveJS.comURL you want to launch when clicked. Optional, leave black to have no click event.v1.0.0 -
.imgSrcURL for the image to displayv1.0.0 -
.imgHeightnumber75Rendered height of the imagev1.0.0 -
.imgWidthnumber75Rendered width of the imagev1.0.0 -
.imgLocationtextleftPosition of the image in the block. Left or Right.v1.0.0 -
.heightnumber80Rendered height of the blockv1.0.0 -
.widthnumber300Rendered width of the blockv1.0.0 -
.text text This is where you would<br />
put the text<br />
you want to display.
Text to display on the block. Accepts HTML. v1.0.0 -
.textAligntextleftAlignment of the text within the block. Left, Center, Right.v1.0.0 -
.backgroundColortexttealBackground color for the block.v1.0.0 -
.colortextwhitesmokeColor of the text within the block.v1.0.0 -
.fontSizetext1emFont size within the block. Any valid CSS font size is usable.v1.0.0 -