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property required example notes version
.labelyes'Crit'Short description of what the subpanel value means.v1.0.0 -
.countyes'10'Number representing quantity for row in subpanel.v1.0.0 -
.backgroundColorno'red'String representation of the background color for the subpanel item.v1.0.0 -
.colorno'black'String representation of the test color for the subpanel item..v1.0.0 -
.hrefno''URL for the click event of the subpanel item.v1.0.0 -


property datatype notes version
.hrefurlOptional field. The URL of the site you want the click event to launch.v1.0.0 -
.headerTexttextText to display on the top of the blockv1.0.0 -
.footerTest textText to display on the bottom of the block.v1.0.0 -
.includeSubPaneltrue/falseBoolean to indicate if you want to display the subpanel.v1.0.0 -